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This library allows you to generate you a sudo command with all the correct escapes and flags.


Simple usage

> var sudofy = require('sudofy');
> sudofy.command('who am i');
'sudo \'who am i\''

With more options

> var sudofy = require('sudofy');
> var options= { group: 'wheel', user: 'root', interactive: false };
> sudofy.command('who am i', options);
'sudo -g wheel -n \'who am i\''

Run a sudo command as root

> var sudofy = require('sudofy');
> var options= { root: true };
> sudofy.command('who am i', options);
'who ami i'

Available options

  • user: string user to sudo to (defaults to root)
  • group: string group to sudo to (defaults to null)
  • password: string specify password to pass to sudo (default to null)
  • preserveEnv: boolean preserves the Environment (defaults to false)
  • preserveGroup: boolean preserves the Group of the sudo invoker (defaults to false)
  • interactive: boolean run interactively (default to false)
  • root: boolean indicate we are already root (defaults to false)
  • login: bolean simulate initial login (defaults to false)
  • shell: string specify shell when login is specified (defaults to null)
  • args: array of flags/options to pass to the sudo command (default to [])