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A bunch of tools to help with Suddenly apps.

To generate a new Suddenly app, check out: suddenly-cli

Thoughts on version 2


suddenly new thing bin/suddenly new thing npm run s new thing npm run s db migrate npm run s db version npm run s build

global script: looks in currently working directory finds root of current working directory runs bin/suddenly with the same args


Has default webpack?

Handles development server

It will have to wrap how the server is booted? (for restarting the development server);

suddenly-server? is this even needed with express?

Generates an endpoint?

Would use klein for model stuff? or just assume it exists


Pretty much the same as it is now (might be bundled into suddenly-client?)


Generates redux: reducers, actions

Handles API (wraps suddenly-api)



generates models and migrations


Handles sending emails


Logs stuff - can be globally disabled


also, mock-asset-requires



Sets up Webpack with some common settings.

  • clean (config) - Cleans the build directory.
  • build (config, args) - Builds a project. Pass 'hot' as an arg to build with Webpack Dev Server.
  • run (config, args) - Runs a Webpack Dev Server with the latest build (alongside a Hapi server).
  • buildAndRun (config) - Compiles a hot reload build and then runs run()


Handles database migrations.

  • migration (config, args) - Generates a migration named from args[0].
  • model (config, args) - Generates a model and model migration named from args[0]. Pass 'no-migration' to skip the migration. Pass 'no-model' to only generate the model.
  • migrate (config) - Runs any pending migrations
  • rollback (config) - Rolls back the latest batch of migrations
  • version (config) - Gets the schema version
  • schema (config, args) - Gets information about the current schema. Pass a table name at args[0] to get just that table's schema.


Generates bootstrap files for the project.

  • routes (config, args) - Generates a routes file and tests named from args[0]. Pass 'no-tests' to skip creating tests.
  • resource (config, args) - Generates a resources file named from args[0]
  • notification (config, args) - Generates a notification email template and notification method named from args[0]
  • actions (config, args)- Generates an actions file and tests named from args[0]. Pass 'no-tests' to skip creating tests.
  • reducer (config, args) - Generates a reducer file and tests named from args[0]. Pass 'no-tests' to skip creating tests.
  • redux (config, args) - Shortcut for generating an actions and a reducer at the same time.
  • component (config, args) - Generates a React component and tests named from args[0]. Pass 'no-tests' to skip creating tests. Pass 'connected' to generate a Redux connected component. Pass no-style to skip generating a stylesheet. Pass with-provider to include a provider setup in the tests.
  • style (config, args) - Generates a stylesheet.


  • create (config) - Creates a Mailer proxy for sending emails
    • mailer.* (to, subject, locals, callback) - Call mailer.send() with the method name as the template.
    • mailer.send (to, subject, template, locals, callback) - Sends an email
    • mailer.render (filename, locals) - Render an email template


  • routes (server, config) - Attaches routes found in <APP_ROOT>/app/server/routes to the server
  • run (config, args) - Runs the server.


Create a database called suddenly_test and then run npm test