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Simple crawler tree of patterns.


Get the tree of anchors based into an pattern.

[sudo] npm install -g suck
suck -t [host] // the address of place you get extract
suck -t [host] -l [pattern] // list of patterns, who you need to extract
suck -t [host] -l [pattern] -o [filename] // the json has a array structure
// erro.json has the information of the process `[todo:improve-errors]`
suck -t [host] -l [pattern] -o [filename] -e [filename] -e [number] // number of times to turn back
suck -t [host] -l [pattern] -o [filename] -e [filename] -e [number] -v // verbose mode, show the progress information
suck -t -l imdb -v -e 1 
- Create the documentation of API

- Add RegExp support to match patterns

- Add ignore patterns support

- Cluster crawling

- Add Jug support

- Move the methods of `bin/index.js` to `lib/index.js`, to make more reusable. [ OK ]
Kaique da Silva <>, under <BSD-license>