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    1. Create a target element on the page
      <div id="timeline"></div>
      var target = document.getElementById("timeline");

    2. Create a timeline
      var timeline = new Timeline(target, {});
      The arguments are

      • A DOM node into which to insert the timeline.
      • A map of optional parameters, including:
        • width: the width of the timeline display in pixels (defaults to the offsetWidth of the target).
        • length: the length of the timeline in seconds.
        • start: the initial starting time of the viewing window.
        • end: the initial ending time of the viewing window.
    3. Create the cues and add them to the timeline
      timeline.addTextTrack(TimedText.WebVTT.parse(vttdata), "track-id", "en");
      The arguments are

      • An array of Cue objects or a TextTrack object
      • A track name
      • Language
    4. Add event handlers

      // addtrack is fired whenever a text track is added to the timeline
      // and passes the added track object to the listener
      timeline.on('addtrack',function(track) {});
      // removetrack is fired whenever a text track is removed from the
      // timeline and passes the removed track object to the listener
      timeline.on('removetrack',function(track) {});
      // select is fired whenever a segment is selected and passes the
      // segment object (which includes the backing cue object) to the listener
      timeline.on('select',function(seg) {
      	var cue = seg.cue;
      // unselect is fired when the selection is terminated
      timeline.on('unselect',function(seg) {});
      // jump is fired whenever the timeline alters its current time internally;  
      // e.g., when a repeat point is hit or when the time marker is moved manually.
      timeline.on('jump', function(time) {
      	controls.currentTime = time/1000;
      // timeupdate is fired whenever the timeline's time marker is moved;  
      // e.g., when timeline.currentTime is set by external code
      timeline.on('timeupdate', function(time) {});
      // abRepeatEnabled is fired whenever the AB repeat functionality is turned on
      timeline.on('abRepeatEnabled',function() {});
      // update is fired whenever the contents of a segment change
      timeline.on('update', function(seg) {});




    npm i subtitle-timeline-editor

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