A minimal publishing system based on Pandoc, Substance and eLife Lens. It powers

Substance IO

A minimal publishing solution based on Pandoc Markdown and Substance.

It's fairly easy to install and run io locally.

  • Node.js >=0.10.x
  • Pandoc >= 1.12.02 (for Markdown cross-compiling)

First install the Substance Screwdriver command line utility. It's just a little helper that makes dealing with our many modules easier.

$ git clone
$ cd screwdriver
$ sudo python install

Clone the io repo.

$ git clone

Run the update command, which pulls in all the sub-modules and dependencies.

$ cd io
$ substance --update

Finally start the server and point your browser to http://localhost:5000.

$ substance

Documents live under the docs directory and are organized in collections using a simple folder structure:

docs/substance                    # collection folder
docs/substance/index.json         # collection metadata
docs/substance/about              # document folder
docs/substance/about/index.json   # document metadata 
docs/substance/about/   # source markdown