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Sublime snippets to VS Code CLI

Easily convert sublime xml snippet files to VS Code json snippets.

Quick start

Install locally or globally via a package manager of your choice.

Follow instructions from CLI help page. See example usage below.

subsnip2vsc -h

Conversion example

This tool can convert Sublime xml based snippet files to a VS Code snippets.json file. The tool aims to do 90% of the job with fine-tuning left to you.




<g:actionSubmit value="${1:text}" action="${2:action}" ${3:onclick="${4:jsCode}"} />]]></content>
	<description>Generates a submit button that maps to a specific action</description>

Converted to a single VS Code snippets.json file

  "dollarsign": {
    "body": "\\${$0}",
    "description": "${}",
    "prefix": "g"
  "gactionsubmit": {
    "body": "\r\n<g:actionSubmit value=\"${1:text}\" action=\"${2:action}\" ${3:onclick=\"${4:jsCode}\"} >",
    "description": "Generates a submit button that maps to a specific action",
    "prefix": "gactionsubmit"

Further, if the body has multiple new lines separated with \r\n it will be split into an array of lines as follows:

  "body": [
    "<g:collect in=\"${1:attribute}\" expr=\"${2:expression}\">",

You can then fine-tune the snippet file further to suit your preferences.

CLI Usage examples

Convert all *.tmSnippet files in snippets folder and print output to screen

subsnip2vsc convert snippets/*.tmSnippet -p

Convert all *.tmSnippet files in current folder to default snippets.json file

subsnip2vsc convert *.sublime-snippet

Convert all .sublime-snippet files in folder and sub-folders of snippets. Send output to my-snippets.json file

subsnip2vsc convert snippets/**/*.sublime-snippet -o my-snippets.json

API usage

Using the API directly, lets you customize various aspects of the internal functionality.

const { convert } = require("subsnip2vsc");
// using the APIlets you pass a single or multiple glob patterns
const patterns = ["**/*.*.sublime-snippet, ../*.tmSnippet"];

// split snippet body text into array of lines
const splitBody = (content) => {
  // custom split body logic

// extracts string from element (see xml-js npm package)
const textOf = (elem) => {
  // custom text extraction of element

// returns json string for converted entry
export const convertEntry = (entry, options) => {
  // custom convert entry logic

const printSnippetEntry = (snippetJson, options) => {
  // custom print file logic

const writeResultFile = (jsonStr, options) => {
  // custom write file logic

const options = {
  print: true,
convert(patterns, options);

Dev CLI example

The following example demonstrates how you can call the binary directly in development mode while setting the work directory to a location of your choice (used as relative location for searching, reading and writing files)

npx cross-env .\bin\subsnip2vsc convert sublime-snippets/**/*.sublime-snippet -d C:/Users/xxxx/source/repos/vsc-extensions

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