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    Electrode Subapp For React

    This module mainly serve to setup subapp-web with Facebook React framework.

    It basically re-exports the module subapp-web and sets it up with React specific APIs.

    For convenience, it also exports the module react.

    To use, a subapp's code should be doing:

    import { React, loadSubApp } from "subapp-react";
    import Component from "./component";
    export default loadSubApp({ name: "MyComponent", Component });

    For all pratical purposes, if there's code somewhere else that ensures subapp-web is setup with the proper React framework, then it's equivalent to the following:

    import React from "react";
    import { loadSubApp } from "subapp-web";
    import Component from "./component";
    export default loadSubApp({ name: "MyComponent", Component });

    react and react-dom are specified as peerDependencies, so you must install them as part of your package.json dependencies.

    SSR App Context

    This module also exports a default React context that SSR uses to pass in server request object to your React component.


    import { AppContext } from "subapp-react";
    const Component = () => {
      return (
          {({ isSsr, ssr, subApp }) => {
            return (
                IS_SSR: {`${Boolean(isSsr)}`} HAS_REQUEST: {ssr && ssr.request ? "yes" : "no"}

    Support for React Router

    If you want to use react-router in your application, then you need to install the dependencies:


    npm i react-router react-router-dom

    And then set the useReactRouter flag to true in your subapp:

    import { React, loadSubApp } from "subapp-react";
    export default loadSubApp({ name: "MySubapp", Component, useReactRouter: true });


    Copyright (c) 2016-present, WalmartLabs

    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


    npm i subapp-react

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