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Build Status

Image linking utilities for Stylus.

  • Merges duplicated data URIs
  • Loads resolution dependent images when available
  • Moves non-inlined relative url's into the output directory

Release Notes

Version 1.0

  • Rework the API to support multiple file output from a single stylus execution.

Old stylus plugin-based implementation is still an option using require('stylus-images').plugins

New implementations should use the stylus-image object in place of direct stylus calls:

  var stylusImages = require('stylus-images');
  var compiler = stylusImages('some stylus', {
    images: {
      limit: 123,
      resolutions: [1, 2]
  compiler.set('compress', true);
  compiler.render(function(err, data) {
    writeFile('css.css', data['1']);
    writeFile('css@1.5.css', data['1.5']);
    writeFile('css@2x.css', data['2']);

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