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    Stylez boilerplate for Styledoc

    Styledoc is a set of tools and conventions for easy style authoring and documentation writing.

    NOTE: Major changes since v0.1.0 - dropping support for node-sass and serve packages! Introduces Gulp-Dart-Sass for processing and Asciidoctor.js

    The easiest way to get started with Styledoc methodology is to use Stylez boilerplate via npm (Node package manager).

    1. Create new directory (i.e. my-project) and navigate there:
    mkdir my-project && cd my-project
    1. Initialize your new empty project with npm
    npm init -y
    1. Install Stylez boilerplate as a development package
    npm i -D stylez
    1. If you are using Linux/Mac/Unix/MINGW64 or Git Bash on Windows
    • copy Stylez config files into your new project
    cp -r ./node_modules/stylez/* ./

    Finally install it

    npm install

    then modify the files to suit your needs (package.json etc)

    1. on Windows, if for some reason you can not use MINGW64 (ConEmu or similar), Git Bash or Windows Subsystem for Linux
    • use cmd.exe with robocopy

    • first move the files into a temporary folder

    robocopy /move /e node_modules tmp
    • after that, replace the files with Stylez boilerplate
    robocopy /move /e tmp\stylez .\

    Finally install it

    npm install

    then modify the files to suit your needs (package.json etc)


    To run watch script:

    npm run watch

    This will compile adoc, pug and scss files and start the local server instance at that you can open in your browser.

    To only use watch script that builds index.adoc files in directories beginning with s_ and doesn't compiles pug and sass:

    npm run watch:adoc

    If you need to use autoprefixer:

    npm run autoprefixer

    Please read Styledoc documentation about the methods and workflow:


    npm i stylez

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