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    Utility for converting CSS styles in the DOM to Javascript, and back.


    Via NPM

    npm install --save stylex

    Via Yarn

    yarn add stylex


    Below are the static methods available on the Stylex class, along with examples how each could be used.


    Method that will return the CSSRule.cssText for the specified CSS selector.


    const stylesText = Stylex.findDOMStyles('.example-class-name');


    Converts a CSSRule.cssText string to a JSON object that can be used/manipulated in Javascript.


    const styles = Stylex.convertCssText(Stylex.findDOMStyles('.example-class-name'));


    In the event you need to go the opposite direction, you can convert a JSON object of CSS styles to a string that could be applied as a CSSRule.cssText.


    const stylesText = Stylex.convertJsonStyles({
        fontSize: '16px',
        backgroundColor: '#fff',


    This class spawned from the need to animate styles via Javascript, but with the goal of being able to keep the styles defined in CSS as much as possible. It allows you to find styles that are available in the DOM and convert those to JSON object(s) that can be manipulated and applied to elements via Javascript.

    And, in the event that you need to go the opposite direction—Javascript JSON style object to CSS text—it supports that too! ;)

    Obtain Class Styles

    Pull the start and end styles for a given element, but calculate the current styles based on a value only available via JS. This could be a progress that is provided via a scroll position, time, or whatever else you might want to use to base the style changes off of. The goal of this being, you don’t have to know the style attributes that are being manipulated, which makes both the javascript and the way you manage styles more flexible.

    View Example on Codepen

    Name Origin

    In case anyone is curious, the name of this package has a dual meaning to me. One, I think it pretty succinctly sums up what this class does, but it has a second reference that is just as cool, to me at least. I went to school at Bowling Green State University, where I was more into bands than school, but I still made it out in 4 years, with good grades. I just didn’t make school my priority while I was there, but back to the bands/music.

    While attending school, there was a band that was based out of the BG/Toledo area called, Stylex. They were a new wave band who made some great records, played some equally great shows, and who I occassionally partied with. If you’re looking for some new/old tunes to listen to, I would definitely recommend you check them out! Stylex (the band).

    🐺 !!PARTY HOWL!! 🐺


    MIT © Ryan Hefner


    npm i stylex

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