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A collection of SCSS specific linting rules for stylelint (in a form of a plugin).


stylelint by itself supports SCSS syntax very well (as well as other preprocessors' syntaxes). Moreover, it introduces some specific rules that can be used to lint SCSS, e.g. to limit nesting, control the way @-rules are written. Yet stylelint is in general focused on standard CSS.

stylelint-scss introduces rules specific to SCSS syntax. That said, the rules from this plugin can be used with other syntaxes, like Less or some PostCSS syntaxes. That's why the rules' names are not tied to SCSS only (at-function-pattern instead of scss-function-pattern).

The plugin follows stylelint's guidelines (about rule names, testing and so on).

Installation and usage

stylelint-scss is a plugin for stylelint, so it's meant to be used with it.

Node.js v6 or newer is required. That's because stylelint itself doesn't support Node.js versions below 6.

First, install stylelint-scss (and stylelint, if you haven't done so yet) via NPM:

npm install stylelint stylelint-scss

Create the .stylelintrc.json config file (or open the existing one), add stylelint-scss to the plugins array and the rules you need to the rules list. All rules from stylelint-scss need to be namespaced with scss.

  "plugins": [
  "rules": {
    "scss/dollar-variable-pattern": "^foo",
    "scss/selector-no-redundant-nesting-selector": true,

Please refer to stylelint docs for the detailed info on using this linter.

List of rules

Here are stylelint-scss' rules, grouped by the thing they apply to (just like in stylelint).

Please also see the example configs for special cases.












Media feature




General / Sheet

Help out

There work on the plugin's rules is still in progress, so if you feel like it, you're welcome to help out in any of these (the plugin follows stylelint guidelines so most part of this is based on its docs):

  • Create, enhance, and debug rules (see stylelint's guide to "Working on rules").
  • Improve documentation.
  • Chime in on any open issue or pull request.
  • Open new issues about your ideas on new rules, or for how to improve the existing ones, and pull requests to show us how your idea works.
  • Add new tests to absolutely anything.
  • Work on improving performance of rules.
  • Contribute to stylelint
  • Spread the word.

We communicate via issues and pull requests.

There is also stackoverflow, which would be the preferred QA forum.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people:

dryoma kristerkari evilebottnawi OriR ntwb thibaudcolas
dryoma kristerkari evilebottnawi OriR ntwb thibaudcolas
AndyOGo niksy diego-codes jeddy3 keegan-lillo lxsymington
AndyOGo niksy diego-codes jeddy3 keegan-lillo lxsymington
mbarzda manovotny YozhikM YodaDaCoda freezy-sk stormwarning
mbarzda manovotny YozhikM YodaDaCoda freezy-sk stormwarning

Important documents


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