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A simple and tiny wrapper around styled-components that additionally allows you to do this:

const MyComponent = () => (<>
  <ChildA />
  <ChildB />
export default styled(MyComponent).as.div`
  display: flex;

Where '<></>' is the shorthand syntax for React.Fragment.

This will render


All element types supported by styled-components are supported here.

What is the problem being solved?

Styled-components allows you to create components that have a styled element wrapper. Styled-as-components allows you to create components that are a styled element wrapper. It's a conceptual tweak that can be nice in some cases, and stop you having to write Wrapper everywhere. In more detail:

To create a container element with styled components you create a named styled component, and pull that in as the outer node of your component. E.g.:

const MyComponent = (props) => (
  <MyComponentWrapper {...props}>
const MyComponentWrapper = styled.div`
// Ensure here the .eslintrc rule is like "no-use-before-define": ["error", { "variables": false }]

styled-as-components allows you to skip this step and create the containing element on the fly in a single step with simply the styled(MyComponent).as.element syntax:

const MyComponent = (props) => (
export default(MyComponent).styled.as.div`

It's a small win, but it can be rather nice.


This pattern stops being suitable if yould have wanted to pass custom props to the styled-element e.g. isDerivedProp={a && b && !c} that you feel should be managed from within the component, not the parent. I find this pretty rare when using proper separation of container and display components.

innerRef's should work the same, but just be aware the wrapped component is a stateless function component, so ref's won't work. This will all be updated soon anyway with the new 16.3 ref's api.




npm i styled-as-components

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