the console styling/colorization library that does only one thing

the console styling library that does only one thing

Anything exported by ansi-codes has a method:

styled.redBg( styled.yellow('hello!') )
styled.blink('blink blink!!');

Shortcut to apply multiple styles:

styled('bold yellow greenBg', 'hello!!')

Can be also written as:

styled('bold, yellow, greenBg', 'hello!!')


styled('.bold .yellow .greenBg', 'hello!!')
$ npm install styled
reset: \033[0m
bold: \033[1m
italic: \033[3m
blink: \033[5m
underline: \033[4m
underlineOff: \033[24m
inverse: \033[7m
inverseOff: \033[27m
strikethrough: \033[9m
strikethroughOff: \033[29m
def: \033[39m
white: \033[37m
black: \033[30m
red: \033[31m
green: \033[32m
blue: \033[34m
yellow: \033[33m
magenta: \033[35m
cyan: \033[36m
defBg: \033[49m
whiteBg: \033[47m
blackBg: \033[40m
redBg: \033[41m
greenBg: \033[42m
blueBg: \033[44m
yellowBg: \033[43m
magentaBg: \033[45m
cyanBg: \033[46m