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    This is a polyfill for scoped CSS, also known as <style scoped>, a feature that is useful for building simple components (but which was removed from the HTML specification around 2016). Check out a small demo.


    Include the polyfill (via your favourite package manager as style-scoped) and then include a <style scoped> tag:

    <script src="node_modules/style-scoped/scoped.min.js"></script>
      <style scoped>
        h1 { color: red; }
      <h1>I'm red</h1>
    <h1>I'm not</h1>

    This can help you provide CSS encapsulation for your projects. The library is about ~1.9k minified and gzipped.


    The polyfill supports Firefox, Safari and Chromium-based browsers (and should support IE11 and above). (It requires browsers with WeakMap and MutationObserver).

    The code works by applying a custom attribute name, e.g. __scoped_123, to the parent element of the <style scoped> tag, and modifying the style rules to have this as a prefix. If the scoped CSS changes (via .textContent), or its node is moved etc, the style rules are reevaluated.


    If window.scopedCSS is defined before the polyfill is loaded, it accepts two options:

    • scopedCSS.applyToClass (default false): if true, the polyfill will use a class, not an attribute
    • scopedCSS.prefix: a custom prefix for the attribute or class name set on the scope

    For example:

      window.scopedCSS = {applyToClass: true, prefix: '_some_custom_name'};
    <script type="module">
    import './node_modules/style-scoped/scoped.min.js';
    // or maybe
    import 'style-scoped';


    As well as scoping regular CSS rules, the polyfill also rewrite :scope. This refers to the parent of the <style scoped> tag, e.g.:

    <div><!-- just this div will have a blue background -->
      <style scoped>
        :scope {
          background: blue;

    Note that :scope is supported by most modern browsers—but without <style scoped> support, it will match the HTML element and is the same as :root.

    ⚠️ Rules which use :scope inside another selector (e.g. :is(div:scope)) are not currently supported and will be cleared. If this is actually something you need, I will eat my hat. 🎩


    • The polyfill doesn't operate on all CSS rules: e.g., @keyframes, @font are ignored
    • If you depend on cross-domain CSS via @import, this is loaded dynamically with an XHR: so it may take a little while to arrive (see background)


    Compile code with Closure Compiler.

    // ==ClosureCompiler==
    // @compilation_level ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS
    // @output_file_name scoped.min.js
    // ==/ClosureCompiler==
    // code here




    npm i style-scoped

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