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Check WebRTC STUN and TURN connectivity

STUN and TURN check

Tests connectivity with a STUN or TURN server using WebRTC.

var stunturncheck = require('stunturncheck');
stunturncheck({url: ''}, function(err, res) { 
    if (err) {
        // some kind of error occurred 
    if (res > 0) {
        // a stun server could be reached and the local description 
        // contains srflx (for stun) or relay (for turn) candidates. 
    } else {
        // stun server could not be reached, port may be blocked. 

The first argument to stunturncheck follows the same convention as the

To test a TURN/TCP server you would pass something along the lines of

{url: '', username: 'user', credential: 'secret'}

as first argument.


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