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Stryker v1 is released, but you're still using a 0.x version. This version is no longer maintained. Please use @stryker-mutator/webpack-transpiler. See for the full migration guide.

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Stryker Webpack Transpiler

A plugin to support Webpack bundling as a transpiler in Stryker, the JavaScript Mutation testing framework.

Quick start

First, install Stryker itself (you can follow the quickstart on the website)

Next, install this package:

npm install --save-dev stryker-webpack-transpiler

Open up your stryker.conf.js file and add the following properties:

webpack: {
    configFile: 'webpack.config.js', // Location of your webpack config file
    silent: true // Specify to remove the "ProgressPlugin" from your webpack config file (making the process silent)
transpilers: [
    'webpack' // Specify that your code needs to be transpiled before tests can be run

Note: if the webpack config is absent from your stryker configuration, the above values are used by default.

If you initialize stryker using stryker init, the webpack property will be added to your stryker.conf.js automatically.

Now give it a go:

$ stryker run

Peer dependencies

The stryker-webpack-transpiler plugin requires the following packages to be installed in order to work:

  • stryker-api
  • webpack

For the current supported versions, see the peerDependencies section in the package.json file.

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