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    Quick Dota 2 heroes wrapper.
    maintainable according liquipedia. Mostly heroes but items and other things will added later.
    this modules using latest localized_name implementation,
    so if u type eg: balanar, Outworld Devourer and other aliases its will throw an error. thats why typings will help you out


    typings file will help you and will be working to improve it.
    This allows editors like VSC to use intellisense/autocomplete to suggest functions and help out with parameters and to see what you'll be receiving as a result of function calls. Some heroes name eg: Nature's Prophet and Anti-Mage are replaced with underscore. see our methodTable


    npm i strygwyr



    Returns latest hero status.

    dota.stats.Pudge().then((hero) => {


    Returns latest hero talents.

    dota.talent.Phantom_Assassin().then((hero) => {


    Latest changes according patch of heroes

    dota.talent.Phantom_Assassin().then((hero) => {



    const wrapper = require("strygwyr");
    const dota = new wrapper();
    dota.stats.Pudge().then((hero) => {

      Base HP Regen => 2
      Base Mana Regen => 0
      Sight Range => 1800 / 800
      Attack Range => 150
      Missile Speed => Instant
      Attack Duration => 0.5 + 1.17
      Cast Duration => 0.3 + 0.51
      Base Attack Speed => 100
      Base Attack Time => 1.7
      Base Magic Resist => 25%
      Turn Rate => 0.7


    const wrapper = require("strygwyr");
    const dota = new wrapper();
    dota.changes.Phantom_Assassin().then((hero) => {

        -  Base damage increased by 3
        -  Blur scepter cooldown reduced from 12 to 10
        -  Level 10 Talent changed from +12 Damage to -1s Stifling Dagger Cooldown
        -  Level 15 Talent changed from +25% Cleave to +350 Phantom Strike Cast Range
        -  Level 20 Talent increased from +30% Blur Evasion to +35%


    const wrapper = require("strygwyr");
    const dota = new wrapper();
    dota.talent.Phantom_Assassin().then((hero) => {

    Triple Strike Stifling Dagger ❮➖ ( 25 ) ➖❯ +100% Coup de Grace Critical Damage
    +35% Blur Evasion ❮➖ ( 20 ) ➖❯ -3 Armor Corruption
    +350 Phantom Strike Cast Range ❮➖ ( 15 ) ➖❯ 12% Lifesteal
    -1s Stifling Dagger Cooldown ❮➖ ( 10 ) ➖❯ +175 Health

    Await/Async example

    const wrapper = require("strygwyr");
    const dota = new wrapper();
    async function hero() {
      console.log(await dota.stats.Phantom_Assassin());


    Option Description
    Anti_Mage() Promise
    Axe() Promise
    Bane() Promise
    Bloodseeker() Promise
    Crystal_Maiden() Promise
    Drow_Ranger() Promise
    Earthshaker() Promise
    Juggernaut() Promise
    Mirana() Promise
    Morphling() Promise
    Shadow_Fiend() Promise
    Phantom_Lancer() Promise
    Puck() Promise
    Pudge() Promise
    Razor() Promise
    Sand_King() Promise
    Storm_Spirit() Promise
    Sven() Promise
    Tiny() Promise
    Vengeful_Spirit() Promise
    Windranger() Promise
    Zeus() Promise
    Kunkka() Promise
    Lina() Promise
    Lion() Promise
    Shadow_Shaman() Promise
    Slardar() Promise
    Tidehunter() Promise
    Witch_Doctor() Promise
    Lich() Promise
    Riki() Promise
    Enigma() Promise
    Tinker() Promise
    Sniper() Promise
    Necrophos() Promise
    Warlock() Promise
    Beastmaster() Promise
    Queen_of_Pain() Promise
    Venomancer() Promise
    Faceless_Void() Promise
    Wraith_King() Promise
    Death_Prophet() Promise
    Phantom_Assassin() Promise
    Pugna() Promise
    Templar_Assassin() Promise
    Viper() Promise
    Luna() Promise
    Dragon_Knight() Promise
    Dazzle() Promise
    Clockwerk() Promise
    Leshrac() Promise
    Natures_Prophet() Promise
    Lifestealer() Promise
    Dark_Seer() Promise
    Clinkz() Promise
    Omniknight() Promise
    Enchantress() Promise
    Huskar() Promise
    Night_Stalker() Promise
    Broodmother() Promise
    Bounty_Hunter() Promise
    Weaver() Promise
    Jakiro() Promise
    Batrider() Promise
    Chen() Promise
    Spectre() Promise
    Ancient_Apparition() Promise
    Doom() Promise
    Ursa() Promise
    Spirit_Breaker() Promise
    Gyrocopter() Promise
    Alchemist() Promise
    Invoker() Promise
    Silencer() Promise
    Outworld_Destroyer() Promise
    Lycan() Promise
    Brewmaster() Promise
    Shadow_Demon() Promise
    Lone_Druid() Promise
    Chaos_Knight() Promise
    Meepo() Promise
    Treant_Protector() Promise
    Ogre_Magi() Promise
    Undying() Promise
    Rubick() Promise
    Disruptor() Promise
    Nyx_Assassin() Promise
    Naga_Siren() Promise
    Keeper_of_the_Light() Promise
    Io() Promise
    Visage() Promise
    Slark() Promise
    Medusa() Promise
    Troll_Warlord() Promise
    Centaur_Warrunner() Promise
    Magnus() Promise
    Timbersaw() Promise
    Bristleback() Promise
    Tusk() Promise
    Skywrath_Mage() Promise
    Abaddon() Promise
    Elder_Titan() Promise
    Legion_Commander() Promise
    Techies() Promise
    Ember_Spirit() Promise
    Earth_Spirit() Promise
    Underlord() Promise
    Terrorblade() Promise
    Phoenix() Promise
    Oracle() Promise
    Winter_Wyvern() Promise
    Arc_Warden() Promise
    Monkey_King() Promise
    Dark_Willow() Promise
    Pangolier() Promise
    Grimstroke() Promise
    Hoodwink() Promise
    Void_Spirit() Promise
    Snapfire() Promise
    Mars() Promise


    • [x] Heroes
    • [x] Tournaments, use traxex
    • [ ] Items


    This tool can be freely copied, modified, altered, distributed without any attribution whatsoever. However, if you feel like this tool deserves an attribution, mention it. It won't hurt anybody :)

    Please, read the license terms. Don't worry, it can be read in less than 30 seconds, unless you have some sort of reading disability - in that case, I'm wondering why you're still reading this text. Really. Stop. Please. I mean, seriously. Why are you still reading?


    Since this tool includes some contributions, and I'm not an asshole, I'll publically thank the following users for their help:


    npm i strygwyr

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