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    strong-pm - Process Manager


    StrongLoop PM is a production process manager for Node.js applications with built-in load balancing, monitoring, multi-host deployment, and a graphical console.

    For more details, see


    Requirements: git needs to be installed

    Install the client-side CLI and GUI (slc arc):

    npm install -g strongloop
    slc -h

    Run app

    slc start app.js

    Or to deploy and manage remotely, install the manager on a production server using npm:

    npm install -g strong-pm && sl-pm-install

    Or using docker:

    curl -sSL | sudo /bin/sh

    Quick Start

    Under production, you will install the process manager as a system service, see, but if you are just trying the manager out locally, you can run an app directly from the command line.

    Get a sample app (or use your own app):

    git clone
    cd express-example-app
    npm install

    Start the app under the process manager:

    slc start

    Interact with the app using the StrongLoop GUI:

    slc arc

    See for more information.


    • Build, package, and deploy your Node application to a local or remote system
    • Aggregate & rotate logs
    • Built-in load balancing
    • Keep processes and clusters alive forever
    • Profile CPU to find event loop stalls
    • Profile memory to find leaks
    • View performance metrics on your application
    • Use graphical tool or CLI
    • Docker support

    Great for production!

    • Supports remote deploy and management
    • Git-based deploy for easy deployment versioning and rollback
    • Deployment does not have external dependencies (production hosts don't have to fetch from or Git)
    • Docker support
    • Built and supported by Node core maintainers at StrongLoop, battle-tested by enterprise customers

    Build & Deploy

    • Multi-host deploy
    • Zero-downtime application restarts and upgrades
    • Install dependencies, run custom build steps, and prune development dependencies without affecting your source tree
    • SSH, HTTP, or Git-based deploy


    • Heap snapshots and CPU profiles
    • Profile applications to find performance bottlenecks
    • Use StrongLoop's unique event loop triggered profiling to start CPU profiling when the Node event loop stalls

    Manage processes and clusters

    • Use all available CPU cores
    • Automatic restart on failure
    • Log aggregation and management
    • Change cluster size, view clustering info remotely
    • Set up secure access via SSH / HTTPS
    • Manage Nginx load-balancer for multi-host deployments


    • View performance metrics such as event loop times, CPU and memory consumption
    • Publish metrics to StatsD-compatible servers, and view in 3rd-party consoles such as:
      • DataDog
      • Graphite
      • Splunk
      • Even syslog and raw log files
      • See Integrating with third-party consoles for details.
    • Third-party probe metrics, for example for Memcached, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, and so on.

    Docs & Community

    For more resources, including links to blogs, see


    Q: On deploy getting an `git: fatal: unable to access '': Empty reply from server

    A: Check to make sure git is installed


    You may use this library under the terms of the Artistic 2.0 license


    npm i strong-pm

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