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Helper tool for iterating over a string


Helper tool for iterating over a string

$ npm install string-iterator

StringIterator may also be run in a browser environment

<script type='text/javascript' src='StringIterator.js'></script>
var iter = new StringIterator( "abcdef" );
iter.each(function( c ) {
    console.log( c ); // each character in the string 

The current index of the iteration

The character at the current index of the iteration

The line that the current index is on of the iteration

The original string passed into the constructor

The length of the original string

The character that the index is currently on

The character previous to the current index

The character that comes after the current index

The string broken down into an array of individual characters

The string split into an array by newline characters

Jumps index to the given position

.goto( pos )

Iterates over the string, passing each character back to the callback

.each( callback )

Auto-skips over the string until it finds the end character (or regex match), and returns the result

.seek( char )
.seek( regex )

Skips n amount of characters

.skip( n )

Reverse iteration n amount characters. Or if a function is passed in, until the callback returns false

.reverse( n )
.reverse( callback )

Resets iteration internals to the start

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