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    Modular bash using require(3) for *NIX systems. Depends upon bash >= 4.2 for some useful features.


    Brings structure and modularity to bash programs and provides a set of modules that can be used from any bash program.

    Semantic Versioning

    This software is currently under development in the 0.x.x version range and is released using the semver(7) semantic versioning specification.




    • Be safe, declare process.use strict
    • Daemonize any process with process.daemon.start!
    • Make a process behave as a singleton with process.lock.use!
    • Easily add PID file management with!
    • Map trap signals to command methods with the process.signal.* commands, see process(3)


    • Write test-driven programs using the test task for bake(1)
    • Use assert(3) to perform inline assertions

    Documentation & Help

    • Document your program using inline heredoc comments and publish to html and man pages using the doc.* tasks for bake(1)
    • Publish documentation as github pages with the doc.pages.push bake(1) task
    • Easily display program help as man pages with help(3)

    Extensions & Executables


    Most modern distributions ship with the binaries that some parts of the library depend upon. However on extremely minimal distributions you should install the list below.

    It is recommended (although not essential) that you have these executables:

    BSD users (that's OS X users too) should install GNU versions for find(1) and tar(1).


    To install the library code as a dependency for a project into the node_modules sub-folder use:

    npm install strike

    If you want the supplied executables to be available in $PATH use the global flag:

    npm install -g strike


    The project documentation is available as html man pages.


    Developers should have node(1) (which includes npm(1)) in order to run the tests.

    Running Tests

    For illustrative purposes the ./bake test runner is also available using the following commands:

    If you prefer npm(1) use the test command:

    npm test

    If you prefer rake(1) use the test task:

    rake test

    If you prefer ant(1) use the test target:

    ant test

    If you prefer mvn(1) use the test goal:

    mvn test

    To verify all build tools are executing tests correctly use this one-liner:

    npm test && rake test && ant test && mvn test && ./bake test


    Some dependencies required to run the tests that may not be available on very minimal installations:

    • zip(1)
    • unzip(1)
    • tar(1)
    • man(1)

    In addition it is recommended for all tests to run that you have the following executables and an active internet connection:

    Generating Documentation

    Documentation for the repository is generated using ronn(1) which must be installed, to generate documentation use task-doc(7):

    npm run-script doc

    Which is an alias for:

    ./bake doc man build

    Note that currently you will need to apply this patch to ronn(1) for documentation to build correctly.


    Everything is MIT. Read the license if you feel inclined.




    npm i strike

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