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Strigo Utils

Strigo is a TypeScript library that provides a range of utility functions for string manipulation. Whether you're building a web application, working with text data, or just need to manipulate strings in your code.

But beware! Strigo can be a bit unpredictable. Sometimes it may turn your strings into frogs or send them to the moon. That's just the nature of magic. So if you're feeling brave, join the Strigo academy and unlock the full potential of your strings. Just remember to use your powers for good, not evil.



Converts a given string to camelCase.

function camelize(str: string): string;


Capitalizes the first letter of a given string.

function capitalize(str: string): string;


Converts a given string to a slug.

function convertToSlug(text: string): string;


Counts the number of words in a given string.

function countWords(text: string): number;


Generates a random password with a given length.

function generateRandomPassword(length: number): string;


Limits the length of a given string by a specified number of words.

function limitStringByWord(text: string, limit: number): string;


Formats a given number with commas as thousands separators.

function numberFormat(numValue: number, decimals: number = 0, decPoint: string = '.', thousandsSep: string = ' '): string;


Transliterates a given string from Cyrillic to Latin characters.

function translit(text: string): string;

How to Install

You can install this library using npm. First, navigate to your project directory in your terminal and run the following command:

npm install strigo


To use this library, simply import the desired function and call it with the appropriate arguments. For example:

import { camelize } from 'strigo';

const myString = 'hello world';
const camelizedString = camelize(myString);
console.log(camelizedString); // Output: 'helloWorld'

Why strigo?

Strigo is also powerful and versatile. With a wide range of functions for string manipulation, it can handle almost any task you throw at it. Plus, it's written in TypeScript, which means you get all the benefits of static typing and type checking.

So if you're looking for a fun, powerful, and easy-to-use library for string manipulation, look no further than Strigo. Join the Strigo crew today and start wielding the magic of strings!


This library is licensed under the MIT License.


No strings were harmed in the making of this library.


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