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Just run those jobs. Decoupled from load balancing, job queues, etc.

var core = require('strider-runner-core');
core.process(data, provider, plugins, config, next);
  • data is the mongoose job object. See the main strider repo for a schema.
  • provider is an instantiated provider, such as strider-git.
  • plugins is a map of instantiated plugins (such as strider-node) {id: plugin, ...}

Config parameters:

  • env - a map for augmenting the ENV variables in all commands run
  • io - an eventemitter for communication.
  • dataDir - the directory to hold your code
  • baseDir - base directory for this job
  • cacheDir - cache directory
  • cachier (see this file)
  • logger
  • log - log fn
  • error - log errors

next is called with any errors as the first argument.