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Quick Start

  • grab this repo, npm link it into your strider installation
  • get docker going, and it needs to be broadcasting over http
  • docker pull strider/strider-docker-slave
  • choose the docker runner in the plugin config page
  • start strider with the appropriate info about how to connect to docker, e.g. DOCKER_IP= DOCKER_PORT=2375 ./bin/strider

Required Environment Variables

You can either use DOCKER_IP and DOCKER_PORT or you can choose to use DOCKER_HOST. Expected formats:

  passing in nothing
    ✓ defaults to default socket path
  using environment variables DOCKER_IP and DOCKER_PORT
    ✓ returns expected dockerode connection structure
  using environment variable DOCKER_HOST
    ✓ understands
    ✓ understands unix:///var/run/docker.sock
    ✓ understands tcp://

Profit! see this comment in the "prepare" phase telling you that docker is alive