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    A streams2 package for splicing streams into other streams. It's a stream-stream stack?!


    var SpliceStream = require('streams2-splice');
    var outStream = new SpliceStream('foo', 'bar');
    outStream.end('a man walked into a foo...\n');

    Outputs: a man walked into a bar...

    More interestingly, though...

    var SpliceStream = require('streams2-splice'),
        PassThrough = require('stream').PassThrough;
    var replacements = {
        man: 'woman',
        foo: 'bar'
    var outStream = new SpliceStream('[', ']', function (stream) {
        var pt = new PassThrough();
        stream.on('data', function (chunk) {
            var str = chunk.toString();
            if (str in replacements) { pt.write(replacements[str]); }
        stream.on('end', pt.end.bind(pt));
        return pt;
    outStream.end('a [man] walked into a [foo]...\n');

    Outputs: a woman walked into a bar...


    new SpliceStream(startDelim[, endDelim][, replacer])

    If no replacer is specified, matches are excluded from the output stream. If a string or buffer is given, that value is used as a replacement. If a function is given, the return value of the function is used as a replacement (more below).

    If startDelim is specified, but no endDelim is specified, matches are made against the startDelim string. If both startDelim and endDelim are specified, matches are made against any data between the two delimiters. The delimiters themselves are excluded from the output.

    Replacer function

    If you supply a function as a replacer, it is passed in a stream which will produce the matched contents and then end. If using a single-delimiter replacement, no data is emitted, just an end event. If using start and end delimiters, the data between them will be emitted from the passed stream.

    If you return a string or buffer from the replacer function, that value is substituted into the original stream. If you return a stream, its contents are replaced into the original stream and processing will be paused until your returned stream ends.

    Implementation notes

    This package uses the Boyer-Moore-Horspool algorithm for string searching, with the exception of determining whether a chunk might contain a partial match; in the latter case, it uses a naive iteration method. It is assumed that the delimiters provided are not likely to be extremely large.


    npm i streams2-splice

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