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StreamBrk - Simple Node.js Stream Splitter

StreamBrk is a stream utility that will split data written to it off into multiple smaller streams. It fully supports all Node.js Streams2 functionality, including piping and back-pressure.


npm install streambrk


StreamBrk is Writable stream. That means that you can pipe any readable stream to it, or simply write to it yourself.

StreamBrk takes all of the typical Writable stream options on creation, along with two additional options:

  • newPartFn(partNumber, callback): This is a function that is called by StreamBrk when it needs a new part stream. The function should create a new stream and callback in the standard node.js form: callback(err, newStream). Callbacks are used just in case you need a little bit of time to go off and find your new stream.
  • partSize: This is the maximum number of bytes to be written to an individual part before requesting the next part. Defaults to 50000.

So, briefly, usage looks something like this:

var newPartFn = function(partNumber, callback) {
  var writeStream = fs.createWriteStream('./streambrk_'+partNumber+'.txt');
  callback(null, writeStream);
var streamBrk = new StreamBrk({ partSize: 25000, newPartFn: newPartFn });
var readStream = fs.createReadStream('./someHugeFile.txt');