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A node.js module for streaming Tweets live using the Twitter streaming API's

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npm install stream-tweets

Set Up

Include the module in your code: var StreamTweets = require('stream-tweets');

Create a file (if you haven't already), for your API keys, and add your Twitter credentials in there.

module.exports.twitterKeys = {
    consumer_key :      'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',

Include your Twitter keys module, and create a new instance of stream-tweets

var credentials = require('./config/api-keys').twitterKeys;
var st = new StreamTweets(credentials);

Done, now ready to strart streaming! ## Basic Usage This code will continue returning a live stream of all Tweets containing the word 'JavaScript', in real-time.'JavaScript', function(results){
    console.log(results); // Do awesome stuff with the results here

Stream by location

This example will return a live stream of real-time Tweets from San Fransisco.{locations: [-122.75,36.8,-121.75,37.8]}, function(results){

You can also select Tweets from multiple locations, just by listing more latitudes and longitudes in the array.

More Streaming paramaters

All the options listed on the official Twitter streaming API documentation are availible in this module.

The Output

By defualt stream-tweets will return just the usefull stuff. An example output will follow this format:

{ date: 'Sun Sep 13 08:48:18 +0000 2015',
  body: 'RT @jsconfasia: Princiya Sequeira; loves JavaScript and can hack D3.js to death! Read more about Princiya on http://�',
  location: { geo: null, coordinates: null, place: null },
  'retweet-count': 0,
  'favorited-count': 0,
  lang: 'en' }
{ date: 'Sun Sep 13 08:48:19 +0000 2015',
  body: 'nodenow: Who likes late night coding? #developer #java #javascript #code #coding #programming #adwords #api� �',
  location: { geo: null, coordinates: null, place: null },
  'retweet-count': 0,
  'favorited-count': 0,
  lang: 'en' }
{ date: 'Sun Sep 13 08:48:22 +0000 2015',
  body: 'RT @_ericelliott: Advanced Performance Audits with DevTools: by @paul_irish #js #JavaScript',
  location: { geo: null, coordinates: null, place: null },
  'retweet-count': 0,
  'favorited-count': 0,
  lang: 'en' }

You want the full output returned by Twitter? No problem! Just set the second paramater to false when creating an instance of StreamTweets. Like this:

var st = new StreamTweets(credentials, false);


stream-tweets uses Gulp to prepare all files

  • gulp build - Lints and compiles all CoffeeScript into JavaScript
  • gulp test - Run unit and coverage tests
  • gulp - Watches files for changes, cleans working directory, builds project and tests then continues watching

See gulpfile.js for full documentation


npm test

After tests are run, see reports directory for full and detailed test reports.

Veiw the Continuous integration testing report on Travis

Mocha, Chai, Istanbul, Sinon.js, MochaAwesome and Travis CI have been used in the test environment


MIT (C) Alicia Sykes

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