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Stream Smash

Smash two object streams together, or, select * from stream1 join stream2 on stream1.x = stream2.y.


Correlating two streams is usually really annoying. I wanted it to be less annoying.


StreamSmash takes the input of two streams and correlates them based on the value of certain properties on the objects passing through. The end result is something analogous to a JOIN, from your favourite relational database.

The way that it works is that it takes all the input from both streams and keeps it sitting around until either a) you tell it to flush its contents, or b) you end both of the input streams. Upon this happening, the StreamSmash instance will become readable and will have a bunch of objects waiting for you to pick up.

The objects will be the input of the "local" stream with the input of the "other" stream attached in arrays according to matching the values specified in localKey and otherKey in the local and other objects respectively.

Super Quickstart

Also see example.js.

var StreamSmash = require("./index");
var cats = [
  {id: 1, name: "dotty"},
  {id: 2, name: "honey"},
var belongings = [
  {id: 1, catId: 1, name: "cheese thing"},
  {id: 2, catId: 1, name: "flicky material thing"},
  {id: 3, catId: 2, name: "pillow"},
  {id: 4, catId: 1, name: "other pillow"},
  {id: 5, catId: 2, name: "bed"},
var smash = new StreamSmash({
  localKey: "id",
  otherKey: "catId",
  smashKey: "belongings",
smash.on("data", console.log);


{ id: 1,
  name: 'dotty',
   [ { id: 1, catId: 1, name: 'cheese thing' },
     { id: 2, catId: 1, name: 'flicky material thing' },
     { id: 4, catId: 1, name: 'other pillow' } ] }
{ id: 2,
  name: 'honey',
   [ { id: 3, catId: 2, name: 'pillow' },
     { id: 5, catId: 2, name: 'bed' } ] }


Available via npm:

$ npm install stream-smash

Or via git:

$ git clone git:// node_modules/stream-smash



Constructs a new StreamSmash object, providing some hints about how to join together the objects from both.

new StreamSmash(options);
// basic instantiation 
var smash = new StreamSmash({
  localKey: "id",
  otherKey: "catId",
  smashKey: "belongings",


  • options - an object providing options for configuring the StreamSmash instance


  • localKey - the key to use as the discriminator for the "local" side of the join-like operation that StreamSmash does
  • otherKey - the key to use as the "foreign" side of the join
  • smashKey - the key to put the results from the foreign side of the join into on the local-side objects


3-clause BSD. A copy is included with the source.