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    Aids streams searching with string or regex delimiters.

    Feed strings into it and it will search for the delim and return sections. It retains enough content to find delims across search calls which allows streams to provide input in chunks.

    Used by:

    1. each-part to split a stream into parts based on a delimiter
    2. kevas to find keys in text and replace with values
    3. sourcemap-extractor to strip out an inline source map from a file


    npm install string-search-helper --save

    Usage: Standalone

    Shows a simple operation example.

    buildSearch = require 'string-search-helper'
    # # use a string delim 
    search = buildSearch delim:' '
    string = 'some test string'
    results = search string
    results = [ # an array, each a search match 
      before:'some'delim:' '  # `before` is the string content before the delim 
      before:'test'delim:' '  # recurse:true by default so matches a second time 
    end = search.end() # get any leftovers (think 'flush') 
    end = # is an object containing `string` property with any leftover text 
    # # use a regular expression delim 
    search = buildSearch delim:/({{|}})/
    string = 'some {{key}} string'
    results = search string
    results = [ # an array, each a search match 
      before:'some 'delim:'{{'  # `delim` is the delim matched, helpful for regex 
      before:'key'delim:'}}'    # note delim is different this time 
    end = search.end() # get any leftovers (think 'flush') 
    end = # is an object containing `string` property with any leftover text 
      string:' string'

    Usage: By Stream

    Show how each-part stream transform uses this.

    # search string with delim 
    results = search string
    for result in results
      # a `string` result should be stored cuz we haven't found a delim yet 
      if result.string? then # it stores the value for a future `part` 
      # `before` means we found a delim, so, combine with stored and pass on 
      else if result.before? then # combine it with stored value and push it 

    API: buildSearch(options)

    Build options:

    1. [required] delim - must be a string or a regular expression
    2. [optional] min - minimum characters required for a delim match. When delim is a string then its length is used as min. When delim is a regex you must specify a min for things to work.
    3. [optional] recurse - defaults to true, whether search should search repeatedly until it fails to find a delim and then return an array of results.
    buildSearch = require 'string-search-helper'
    search = buildSearch
      delim: /some regex delim/
      min: 123 # search will retain 122 characters of text to use in next search (123 - 1) 
      recurse: false
    # `search` is a function. it has two sub-function properties: delim() and end() 

    API: search(string)

    The function performing the searches using strings passed to it.

    It has two sub-function properties which are described in their own API sections below.

    string1 = 'some string to search first'
    string2 = 'another string for second search call'
    results = search string1
    # process results array 
    # add another string to continue the search 
    results = search string2
    # process results array 
    # all done searching, no more strings to add, so get what's left 
    end = search.end()

    API: search.delim(stringOrRegex[, min])

    Change the delim and optionally the min value. Allows changing the delim between individual search calls.

    # do a search 
    results = search string1
    # now change the delim 
    search.delim 'new delim'
    # and do another search 
    results = search string2

    API: search.end()

    As with streams some content can be left when there's no more to add. Use this sub-function to get the leftover string.

    search = buildSearch delim:' '
    results = search 'some string'
    # results will have 'some' in it 
    # to get the leftover 'string' part: 
    end = search.end()
    # end is an object with a `string` property, which, contains the value 'string' 

    MIT License


    npm i stream-search-helper

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