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A transform-stream that performs regexp search & replace on streams.


Works with vinyl-streams in buffer- and stream-mode. Supports asynchronous replacement creation.


Single Data Stream

import fs from 'fs';
import streamReplacer from 'stream-replacer';
const replacer = streamReplacer({
  single: true,
  pattern: /("license": *")\w+(")/,
  substitute: function(match, tag, done) {
    // always use WTFPL 
    done(null, match[1] + 'WTFPL' + match[2]);

Vinyl File Stream

import vinylFs from 'vinyl-fs';
import streamReplacer from 'stream-replacer';
function asyncDigest(cb) {
  // do some mysterious calculations 
const replacer = streamReplacer({
  // find some path reference 
  pattern: /(src\s*=\s*)(["'])([\w\/-_]*\/)(\w+)(\.\w+)\2/,
  // prepend digest to basename 
  substitute: function(match, tag, done) {
    asyncDigest(function (digest) {
        match[1] + match[2] + match[3] + match[4]
        + '-' + digest + match[5] + match[2]
vinylFs.src(['src/**/*.html'], {buffer: false})
// works with 'buffer: true', too 


const replacer = streamReplacer(options);

Creates a new replacer. Recognized options are:

  • pattern (RegExp): the pattern to search for.
  • substitute (function (match, tag, done), required if pattern is specified): a function that returns the replacement string asynchronously. It takes:
    • match: the match-object, created by RegExp#exec.
    • tag: a tag, created by tagger (see below)
    • done: the callback to return error and replacement string: done(null, replacement). Call done() to skip replacement. Alternatively substitute may just return a replacement string synchronously (or null to skip) or a promise that resolves to a string or to null.
  • searchLwm (number, default: 1024): the search low-water-mark. This is the minimum window size that the search operates on in stream-mode (except on the end of the stream). Set this twice your maximum expected match-length to prevent search misses.
  • single (boolean, default: false): If true, create a replacer that works on a single data-stream. If false, create a replacer that works on a vinyl-file-stream. In latter case, the following additional options are recognized:
    • tagger (function(file)): a function that generates the tag from the processed vinyl-file. Defaults to a function that returns file.path.
    • optioner(function(file)): a function that returns an object to overwrite options per vinyl-file.