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Node stream Transform that extracts the first n bytes from a stream

npm install stream-peek-remove


Imagine a file with a given prefix we want to extract and remove from the stream:

[10_BYTES]rest of the file contents

const streamPeekRemove = require("stream-peek-remove");
const fs = require("fs");
const readStream = fs.createReadStream("myFileToRead");
const options = {
  bytes: 10, // [10_BYTES] length
  remove: true
const peekRemove = streamPeekRemove(readStream, options, (err, peek) => {
  console.log(peek.toString("utf8")); // [10_BYTES]
  peekRemove.pipe(other_stream); // Streams only "rest of the file contents"


streamPeekRemove(readStream, options, callback);

readStream A readable stream

options An object with the following parameters:

  • bytes The number of bytes to peek. Default is 16
  • remove A boolean. If true, the peeked bytes are removed from the stream. If false, the stream is kept intact. Default is true

callback A function to be called withe the peeked bytes:

  function(error, peek)
  • error An error. Not implemented right now, added for consistency
  • peek A Buffer with the peeked bytes