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Unlike HTTP, services such as SMTP and POP have multiple exchanges between the client and the server before disconnecting. node_stream_handler simplifies exchanges like that by emitting a line event every time a specified delimiter is sent by the remote server.


npm install node_stream_handler


This is a simple POP3 login and listing.

var   sys           = require('sys')
    , StreamHandler = require('stream-handler')
var stream = new StreamHandler('', 110);
stream.on('line', function(line) {
    console.log('Received Line: ' + line);
stream.on('error', function (err, excp) {

//Catch the welcome message
stream.once('line', function(line) {
	console.log('Got Welcome: ' + line);
	//Catch the OK from the USER command
	stream.once('line', function(line) {
		if (line == '+OK') {
			//Catche the OK from the PASS command
			stream.once('line', function(line) {
				console.log('Requesting LIST');
				stream.write('LIST' + "\r\n");
			console.log('Sending Password');
			stream.write('PASS MyPassword' + "\r\n");
	console.log('Logging In');
	stream.write('USER' + "\r\n");