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Simple extensions for Streams (buffer and string)


Simple extensions for streams. You can pass a callback or listen on the stream.

Writable stream that outputs as a string, useful when you want to get the result of an http request as a string after piping to gunzip for example.

var request = require('http').request;
var r = request({ hostname: '', port: 80, headers: { 'Accept-Encoding' : 'gzip' } });
r.on('response', function (resp) {
  var gunzip = require('zlib').createGunzip();
  var stream = require('../').StringStream();
  stream.on('end', function (body) {

Readable and writable buffer stream, useful when you receive an image in base64 and want to pipe it to a stream.

var im = require('imagemagick-stream');
var thumbnail = im().thumbnail('150x150').quality(90);
var bs = require('stream-ext').BufferStream;

// assuming you receive an image base64 string and want to upload to your bucket
upload(myBucketUrl, image);

function upload(url, img) {
  var out = new bs(), image = new bs(new Buffer(img, 'base64'));
  out.on('end', function (data) {
    s3.upload(config.s3.bucket, {Key: url, Body: data, ContentType: 'image/jpeg'})