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    Streaming copy of directory to destination - no globs and no recursion. In addition can pass a 'plugin' function to modify the contents of each file - perfect place for template engines.

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    Install with npm

    $ npm i stream-copy-dir --save


    For more use-cases see the tests

    const streamCopyDir = require('stream-copy-dir')



    Copy files from src to dest directory without globs and recursion. Can provide plugin function to modify file contents, which is useful for template engines. The plugin function gets two arguments - file and cb, where file is vinyl file and cb is optional, but it's recommended to pass the file like so cb(null, file)


    • <src> {String|Buffer}: source directory with files, passed to create-readdir-stream
    • <dest> {String|Buffer}: destination folder for (modified) files, passed to write-file
    • [plugin] {Function}: perfect place to access and modify contents of each file
    • returns {Stream}: transform stream, through2


    var copyFolder = require('stream-copy-dir')
    var handlebars = require('handlebars')
    function plugin (file, cb) {
      var contents = file.toString()
      var template = handlebars.compile(contents)
      contents = template({
        name: 'Charlike',
        baz: 'qux'
      // Buffer constructor is deprecated
      // so don't use `new Buffer` anymore in new code/projects
      // instead use `Buffer.from`
      file.contents = new Buffer(contents)
      cb(null, file)
    copyFolder('./src/templates', './my-project', plugin)
      .once('error', console.error)
      .once('finish', function () {
        console.log('copied and modified without errors')


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    Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
    But before doing anything, please read the guidelines.

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    npm i stream-copy-dir

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