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this package offers you convenience factory methods for simpler creation of custom streams from the 4 base streams.

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Core stream module is re-exported. So you can easy replace require('stream') with require('stream-build') and go on. Now you have 4 factory methods which can be used to create custom streams:

// Before 
function MyReadable(opts){
  //this and that 
MyReadable.prototype._read = function(size){
  //custom read code 
var myReadable = new MyReadable()
// after 
var myReadable = streamBuild.readable( function(size){
  //custom read code 
}, {/* options here are passed to core constructors */})


npm install stream-build

About Performance

the builder provided here do not use constructors or inheritance. This package aims for readability, so if you worry about performance:

  1. Measure
  2. eliminate bottlenecks

Creating a constructor function and using it as in the before-example may give you some bit better performance, since v8 uses such structures for optimization considerations. It's your choice then.


MIT (see license file)