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Stratum Solo Mining

Stratum server for solo mining for any daemon SHA256 and Litecoin in Node.js

You can create a multi coin solo mining central, just assign multiple daemons then change, and watch the values of most profitable coin using Cryptsy API.

You should use this to have one server that holds your daemons, and make a lot of miners to connect to it, it can handle a hell alot of traffic and still be performant.


Directly from github (easier):

git clone
cd node-stratum-solo
node .

or through NPM:

npm install stratum-solo
cd node_modules/stratum-solo
node .


It comes with litecoin and bitcoin enabled that will work on testnet by default, because it's mainly a PoC.

You should edit index.js with your settings. It's almost sure it won't work out of the box, since the path of the daemons are hardcoded, you should change it to match your system. Also the daemon must accept getblocktemplate RPC command, and you must provide the proper credentials in the index.js file.


BTC: 1PskTzQjmzqB2boz67AXsv4C5YNWN4xmhu

LTC: LW2kXiquqDu3GfpfBX2xNTSgjVmBPu6g3z

PPC: PNKZEkDf9eBSNebu2CcxHaGuma6wHuZEBh


npm star stratum-solo