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A node program to update the dynamic dns ip address of your domains and subdomains. When strato-dns-updater is running as a service it's possible to use it in the same time in the cli. You can add or list the existing hosts. And the service will realize it and load the new configuration.


Just install the strato-dns-updater globally.

npm i -g strato-dns-updater

Or clone it from github.

git clone



node index.js --help
or if globally installed
strato-dns-updater --help

Create new host that should point to your ip address.

node index.js -h hostname -u user -p password
or if globally installed
strato-dns-updater index.js -h hostname -u user -p password

Start update process (default interval is every 5 minutes)

node index.js -s
or if globally installed
strato-dns-updater -s

Delete an existing host out of the configuration

node index.js -d host
or if globally installed
strato-dns-updater -d host

List existing hosts

node index.js -l
or if globally installed
strato-dns-updater -l

Configuration file can be found in.




  • The configuration file is saved in the home directory of the user
  • npm update -g strato-dns-updater won't delete your configuration file


  • adding new hosts and the configuration will update automaticly
  • listing hosts