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    Strapi - Preview plugin

    Utilities for Strapi Headless CMS that allow to preview content (pointing to custom URL) and allow to create clone of original entry


    (Use yarn to install this plugin within your Strapi project (recommended). Install yarn with these docs.)

    yarn add strapi-plugin-preview

    Then need to integrate /extensions folder with content-manager/admin to see manual follow This README

    Enjoy 🎉

    🖐 Requirements

    Complete installation requirements are exact same as for Strapi itself and can be found in the documentation under Installation Requirements.

    Supported Strapi versions:

    • Strapi v3.5.3 (recently tested)

    (This plugin may work with the older Strapi versions, but these are not tested nor officially supported at this time.)

    We recommend always using the latest version of Strapi to start your new projects.


    -**Create Clone ** Now you will be able to clone every content type entry

    -**Publish Clone ** When entry is clone, it could be published, which will overwrite original contentType record

    -Preview your entry With customised preview URI, You can preview your draft (entry)

    Preview URL customization: plugins.js

    in file /config/plugins.js need to add previewUrl field with two parameters like below:

    preview: {
      publicationState: 'preview',
      previewUrl: 'http://localhost:8001/preview/:contentType/:id'

    :contentType - will be replaced with contentType :id - will be replaced with id of contentType record

    Component model configuration

    Component by default is neither previewable and cloneable . To enable You can configure it by setting previewable or cloneable to true in a configuration json file (*.settings.json):

    For example for component called paragraph_component You need to change components/text/paragraph_component.json by modifying option object:

      "collectionName": "components_text_paragraph_components",
      "info": {
        "name": "paragraph_component",
        "icon": "align-justify"
      "options": {
    +    "previewable": true,
    +    "cloneable": true
      "attributes": {
        "body": {
          "type": "text"

    Previewing and Cloning could be mixed, or you can just set one of them.


    • Clone - Go to entry and click Clone (it will add new entry and set relation to original entry "cloneOf")
    • Preview - Go to entry and click Preview (it will redirect to URI provided in plugins.js configuration with injected contentType and id)
    • Publish - if entry has cloneOf relation, than You will be able to replace original entry with your modified one by clicking "publish" and confirmation in modal


    Feel free to fork and make a Pull Request to this plugin project. All the input is warmly welcome!

    Community support

    For general help using Strapi, please refer to the official Strapi documentation. For additional help, you can use one of these channels to ask a question:

    • Email us We are always glad to help.
    • Slack We're present on official Strapi slack workspace.
    • GitHub (Bug reports, Contributions, Questions and Discussions)


    MIT License Copyright (c) 2020 VirtusLab Sp. z o.o. & Strapi Solutions.


    npm i strapi-plugin-preview

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