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Strapi CKEditor5 plugin

Replace default Strapi markdown WYSIWYG editor with enhanced build of HTML CKEditor 5.


👀 Live Demo


  • Enhanced build of CKEditor 5 with more capabilities then Classic Editor build
  • Extensive set of features for your rich content
  • Optional editor customization
  • Automatically upload Inserted images to Media Library (thanks to ckeditor5-strapi-upload-plugin)
  • Media Library button to insert stored images directly to the editor 🔥
  • Automatic translation of UI into selected in Strapi language 🔥 (Strapi v3)
  • Full screen mode 🔥

How to try

Check out 👀 live demo where you can test most of the features.

How to install

Strapi v4 (work in progress)

Go to your Strapi project folder and execute

npm i strapi-plugin-ckeditor5@latest

Don't forget to rebuild Strapi

npm run strapi build

Strapi v3

Go to your Strapi project folder and execute

npm i strapi-plugin-ckeditor5@1.14.0

Don't forget to rebuild Strapi

npm run strapi build

How to remove unused buttons (Strapi v3)

See customization guide.

How to customize editor (optional, Strapi v3)

If you want to change appearance of the editor or remove unused buttons you can add a custom CKEditor configuration to override default settings:

  1. Go to your Strapi folder

  2. Copy template config file node_modules/strapi-plugin-ckeditor5/admin/src/config/ckeditor.js to extensions/ckeditor5/admin/src/config

  3. Set up extensions/ckeditor5/admin/src/config/ckeditor.js (see CKEditor configuration guide)

  4. Rebuild Strapi

npm run strapi build

Configuration example (Strapi v3)

// ckeditor.js
module.exports = {
    // Override toolbar config to leave a few buttons
    toolbar: {
        items: [

Default configuration (Strapi v3)

For information and inspiration: default editor configuration defined here.

How to add more features to the editor

If you want to see more features in this plugin feel free to request it in issues or create pull request in the ckeditor5-build-strapi-wysiwyg repo. Together we will build a comprehensive editor for common needs.


This plugin uses some code from official manual.


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