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    JavaScript String Replace

    A simple, lightweight, functional JavaScript API for replacing a String like a boss

    • No dependency
    • Fluent interface


    Code is read much more often than it is written, so plan accordingly, any experienced developer knows that.

    The above principle has been ignored for some trivial operations, such as replacing a String. Not anymore.

    Try to understand the expected output of the code below:

    replaceAll( "bus", "road", "Get on the road", true );

    You can't understand the order and meaning of the arguments without looking into the documentation first to make sure it does what you want.

    • Does the guy who wrote this is aware of the Principle_of_least_astonishment to replace the first argument from the second? Is it replacing all "bus" to "road"? Or all "road" to "bus"?
    • What does that Boolean Trap means?

    If you need to look elsewhere to be able to understand something, then something is wrong.

    What if you could tell the computer to "Replace all occurrences ignoring the case from target with replacement"?

    const occurrences = "road";
    const target = "Get on the Road";
    const replacement = "bus";
    const result = replace.all( occurrences ).ignoringCase().from( target ).with( replacement );
    console.log(result); // => Get on the bus

    Or, if you don't want to use variables:

    const result = replace.all( "road" ).ignoringCase().from( "Get on the Road" ).with( "bus" );
    console.log(result); // => Get on the bus

    Tcharam! This changes how you replace strings.

    Stop being imperative and start being functional, the next developer say "Thanks".


    Install via npm:

    $ npm install str-replace --save

    Require in the file you want to use it:

    var replace = require("str-replace");

    Basic Usage

    Replace the first dot to space:

    replace(".").from("John.Doe.Company").with(" "); // => "John Doe.Company"

    Replace the first characters ignoring the case when matching:

    replace("hey").from("HEY, DON'T SAY HEY!").with("YO"); // => "YO, DON'T SAY HEY!"

    Replace all dots to spaces:

    replace.all(".").from("John.Doe.Company").with(" "); // => John Doe Company

    Replace all characters ignoring the case when matching:

    replace.all("hey").from("HEY, DON'T SAY HEY!").with("YO"); // => "YO, DON'T SAY YO!"


    replace( occurrences )

    Creates a ReplaceDefinition that will replace the first substring that matches the occurrences.

    Receives an occurrences, which is a String representing what is going to be replaced.


    replace( "e" ); // => ReplaceDefinition

    replace.all( occurrences )

    Creates a ReplaceDefinition that will replace all substrings that matches the occurrences.

    Receives an occurrences, which is a String representing what is going to be replaced.


    replace.all( "dreaming" ); // => ReplaceDefinition


    Contains the strategy for the replace.


    Creates a ReplaceDefinition that will ignore the case when matching the occurrences.


    replace( "java" ).ignoringCase(); // => ReplaceDefinition

    from( target )

    Creates a ReplaceOperation that will replace the given target.

    Receives a target, which is a String representing from where it is going to be replaced.


    replace( "Thunder" ).from( "Thunderstorm" ); // => ReplaceOperation


    Contains the algorithm representing what should be replaced.

    with( replacement )

    Creates a String replacing with the given replacement according to the rules of the ReplaceDefinition.

    Receives a replacement, which is a String representing the new substring to be replaced.


    var result = replace( "Java" ).from( "Java is not JavaScript" ).with( "Type" );
    console.log( result ); // => Type is not TypeScript

    Manual release steps

    • Increment the "version" attribute of package.json
    • Commit with the message "Release version x.x.x"
    • Create version tag in git
    • Create a github release
    • Release on npm



    npm i str-replace

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