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    xState Storybook Addon


    npm install -D @storybook/addons storybook-xstate-addon @xstate/inspect @xstate/react


    To use this in storybook simply add addons: ["storybook-xstate-addon/preset"] to your storybook config.

    If you want to enable the inspector in all stories, set the following in your /.storybook/preview.js file. With this setting on you can disable the inspector in certain stories

    export const parameters = {
      xstate: true,

    To enable the inspector in a single story/stories file, set the xstate parameter to true or an options object.

    // this will turn on the inspector for all stories in the current file
    export default {
      title: "Example",
      parameters: {
        xstate: true,
        // this option is passed to the inspect function
        xstateInspectOptions: {
          url: '',
          serialize: null
    // this turns the inspector on for only a single story
    StoryComponent.parameters = {
      xstate: true,

    To assist with viewing larger state charts, you can pass the height option in the xstate parameter to force the height of the inspector.

    StoryComponent.parameters = {
      xstate: {
        height: "1000px",

    Additionally, you can send events to a machine by id when it is registered by adding the xstate parameter.

    For more example usages see [./stories/Button.stories.tsx] and [./stories/Machines.stories.tsx].

    StoryComponent.parameters = {
      xstate: {
        machine_id1: {
          events: "event",
        machine_id2: {
          events: { type: "event" },
        machine_id3: {
          events: [{ type: "event1" }, { type: "event2" }],
        machine_id4: {
          events: (state) => "event",
        machine_id5: {
          events: ["event1", "event2"],
          delay: 2.5e3, // milliseconds to delay before sending the next event
          shouldRepeatEvents: true, // for looping event sequences

    If you wish to use the Inspector as the main story itself, simply use the following snippet (uses react).

    import { RenderMachine } from 'storybook-xstate-addon/RenderMachine';
    export const MachinePreview = () => <RenderMachine machine={confirmMachine.withConfig({ ... })} events={[]} />;


    npm i storybook-xstate-addon

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