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    Storybook Tokens

    Simplify the creation of Style Dictionary-friendly tokens

    ⚛️ React/JSX support

    Here's a potential workflow for using this addon:

    • 📝 Create stories in Storybook
    • 🧺 Use addon to extract raw design tokens from each story
    • 🏷 Copy raw design tokens to Style Dictionary
    • 📦 Format design tokens in Style Dictionary
    • 🚢 Release formatted design tokens for others to consume


    1. For documentation (without having to jump back and forth between Style Dictionary).

    2. For allowing teams to build UI components as usual, copy and paste the underlying, agnostic tokens into a tool like Style Dictionary, and then format them for sharing with other teams.

    This flips the traditional approach to a design tokens pipeline. Instead of generating your tokens first, and then consuming them in your UI library, you can create the UI library first and then extract the tokens.

    In a word, you can reverse engineer a design tokens pipeline.

    This may not be an ideal use case or best practice, but it could be helpful in SOME cases (i.e. a team that only has a UI component library, no formal design system team, and wants to quickly get a Style Dictionary pipeline going.)

    How Do I Use This?

    Click the "paintbrush" in the toolbar labeled "Extract Tokens".

    This will display the extracted design that you can copy and paste into Style Dictionary:



    npm i storybook-tokens

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