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    Storybook Icon Gallery

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    An icon gallery for Storybook docs that support multiple icon variants.

    Icon Gallery


    Install the NPM package:

    npm i -D storybook-icon-gallery

    Then import the icon gallery components:

    import { IconGallery } from "storybook-icon-gallery";

    And configure your icons:

        <IconGallery.Variants name="add">
            <IconGallery.Variant size={24}>
                <AddIcon24 />

    Full usage documentation available at:


    The following documentation is only for the maintainers of this repository.


    Clone the repository:

    git clone

    Then, install the dependencies for all the packages with Yarn (or NPM):

    yarn install

    Development process

    Once the project is installed you can start developping with Storybook by executing the following script:

    yarn start-sb

    If you want to start Storybook in --docs mode, use the following script:

    yarn start-docs

    At some point you might need to build a version of Storybook for production:

    yarn build:sb
    yarn serve-sb
    yarn build:docs
    yarn serve-docs

    Or test the actual icon gallery component for production:

    yarn build:pkg

    If something is messed up and you need a clean project, use the reset script:

    yarn reset



    To ensure that the consumers understand the impact of updating this package, every release should follow semantic versioning.

    Do the actual release

    Before you release, make sure you have write access to the NPM package and that you are logged in to NPM.

    To release, open a terminal at the root of the project and execute the following commands:

    yarn release

    The release flow will automatically create a new Github release for the current release.

    Make sure to document all the changes contained in the current release and dont forget to publish the release.

    If you updated the documentation, make sure it's deployed.

    To do so:

    1. Go to Netlify web app
    2. Select the latest build on master
    3. Click on "Publish deploy"


    Copyright © 2019, GSoft inc. This code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of this license at



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