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    Storybook Addon Stencil

    A Stencil compiler integration for Storybook.


    Install and register the addon in your Storybook:

    npm install storybook-addon-stencil -D
    yarn install storybook-addon-stencil -D


    module.exports = {
      "stories": [
      "addons": [
      "framework": "@storybook/web-components"


    • yarn start runs babel in watch mode and starts Storybook
    • yarn build build and package your addon code

    Release Management


    This project is configured to use auto for release management. It generates a changelog and pushes it to both GitHub and npm. Therefore, you need to configure access to both:

    • NPM_TOKEN Create a token with both Read and Publish permissions.
    • GH_TOKEN Create a token with the repo scope.


    To use auto locally create a .env file at the root of your project and add your tokens to it:

    GH_TOKEN=<value you just got from GitHub>
    NPM_TOKEN=<value you just got from npm>

    Lastly, create labels on GitHub. You’ll use these labels in the future when making changes to the package.

    npx auto create-labels

    If you check on GitHub, you’ll now see a set of labels that auto would like you to use. Use these to tag future pull requests.

    GitHub Actions

    This template comes with GitHub actions already set up to publish your addon anytime someone pushes to your repository.

    Go to Settings > Secrets, click New repository secret, and add your NPM_TOKEN.

    Creating a release

    To create a release locally you can run the following command, otherwise the GitHub action will make the release for you.

    yarn release

    That will:

    • Build and package the addon code
    • Bump the version
    • Push a release to GitHub and npm
    • Push a changelog to GitHub


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