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    Adds a panel to monitor the entire state of recoil for your story.

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    Method 1: The Recoil Root is provided by another decorator addon

    The addon can be installed by just installing via npm / yarn then adding "storybook-addon-recoil-flow" to the addons array in ./storybook/main.js. Ensure that this addon & whichever one is providing the RecoilRoot are in the correct order.

    Method 2: The Recoil Root is provided by a decorator within the story

    • Install via npm / yarn
    • Add storybook-addon-recoil-flow/dist/register to the addons array
    • Import withRecoilFlow from storybook-addon-recoil-flow/dist/decorator within your story and put it into the decorators array (in the right order)

    Method 3: Just use the RecoilRoot provided by the decorator

    • Install via npm / yarn
    • The decorator provides a RecoilRoot with overrides set to false so the method in 1 will work without another decorator (but you'll not be able to set up a custom initialiser)

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    The recoilFlow parameter has the following optional options:

      recoilFlow: {
        filter: {
          keys: ["AtomOne"],
          showConnected: true,

    The keys array gets used in a .startsWith to filter out nodes so the long generated SelectorFamilyKeys can be matched with just the manually entered bit.

    showConnected will show nodes which are connected to those in the keys array as well (defaults to true)


    npm i storybook-addon-recoil-flow

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