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Confluence integration with Storybook

This addon for Storybook enables you to add Atlassian Confluence pages to your stories.


Add middleware

In .storybook/middleware.js:

var buildConfluenceMiddleware = require('storybook-addon-confluence/middleware');
module.exports = buildConfluenceMiddleware('', 'username', 'super-secure_password');

Register add-on

In .storybook/addons.js:

import '@kadira/storybook/addons';
import 'storybook-addon-confluence/register';

Use in stories

Use <WithConfluencePage /> element in a story:

import { WithConfluencePage } from 'storybook-addon-confluence';
storiesOf('ExampleComponent', module)
  .add('Default', () => (
    <WithConfluencePage space="SPACE" title="Example component">
      <ExampleComponent />

Or use a decorator for all of the stories:

import { confluencePageDecorator } from 'storybook-addon-confluence';
storiesOf('ExampleComponent', module)
  .addDecorator(confluencePageDecorator('SPACE', 'Example component'))
  .add('Default', () => <ExampleComponent />);


Thanks to @bendrucker for absoluteify, which provided a great reference for using the trumpet package to convert relative paths in HTML into absolute paths.