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    Storyboard (name liable to change) is an experimental interactive fiction engine designed to enable narrative experiences in AR and other digital/physical hybrid environments.

    This is a scripting language for Storyboard. It's designed to look similar to Ink, although there are a lot of differences based on how different the underlying engine's narrative model is.

    Storyboard-lang is written in Ohm. This tool converts from storyboard-lang syntax into the JSON object format that the Storyboard engine reads.

    The main Storyboard engine includes this project as a dependency. Unless you're hoping to actively hack on the compiler, you probably care about the main Storyboard repo rather than this one.

    Language Reference

    Erm, this is coming soon! The project is rather immature, so this may wait until the language itself is a bit less in flux.

    The examples folder contains a few example .story files, as well as the corresponding JSON they are expected to compile down to. There are automated tests confirming their correctness, so even though things are fairly in-flux, the examples shouldn't be outdated as long as the test suite is passing.


    This project is not yet published on npm, but it will be once things stabilize a bit.

    For now:

    1. Clone this repo
    2. Fetch dependencies: yarn install
    3. Build the library: npm run build

    dist/bundle.js will contain a library suitable for importing into your own Node project. The dist/types folder will contain TypeScript definition files as well.


    This module exports a single parseString() function, which takes in a string of Ohm code and returns a JSON Story object (essentially an AST in a JSON format that the Storyboard runtime engine can understand). It also exports a bunch of TypeScript types, which are consumed by the Storyboard engine.

    For those interested in the actual code: grammar.ohm contains the grammar, and index.ts contains the Ohm semantics that transform the AST into Storyboard-compatible JSON.

    The spec folder also contains pretty detailed BDD-style tests, which may serve as a useful guide to intended functionality.


    This project is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.





    npm i storyboard-lang

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