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    Storyboard is a general-purpose engine for multilinear/nonlinear storytelling. It's written in JavaScript (ES6), and intended to be embedded within another game or application (such as the included-as-a-git-submodule Storyboard-iOS reference native iOS Swift project)

    Right now, it's pre-alpha. Stay tuned for more.

    Setup and Usage

    Real documentation is coming later; right now, this really isn't intended for use by anyone other than me.

    That being said:

    • npm install to install dependencies
    • gulp to compile to a production file suitable for client-side JS consumption (dist.js in the root folder)
    • npm test runs the test suite. It's got decent coverage at a functional, not unit, level.
    • If using the reference iOS client, git submodule update --init
    • Put your data files in the examples folder, with any media needed in a subfolder with the same name (e.g. sample.json would have a folder called sample)

    Knock yourself out.

    Gulp scripts

    For development, a few gulp scripts exist.

    • gulp browser compiles a single dist.js file. This file exposes a Game class object in the global scope, and is intended to be used in client-side environments (e.g. JS within a web browser but without a Browserify pipeline, a JavaScriptCore thread on iOS)
    • gulp node compiles each individual ES6 source file (in src/) into an equivalent non-ES6 file in lib/. This is intended for requiring storyboard as a npm library in node.js
    • gulp watch is the equivalent of gulp browser, but listens for live file changes and automatically recompiles.


    This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file in this repository for more information.




    npm i storyboard-engine

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