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A man to help you unify API for mischellaneous storage engines.

Provide a handful set of of useful methods: get, set (with ttl), del, mget.

With built-in Redis and LevelUP support.


var Storeman = require('storeman')
var Redis = require('redis')
var levelup = require('levelup')
// cache with Redis 
var cache = new Storeman({
    prefix: 'cache:',
    client: Redis.createClient(),
    encode: function(data){
        return JSON.stringify(data)
    decode: function(data) {
        return JSON.parse(data)
// persistent storage with leveldb 
var store = new Storeman({
    prefix: 'store:',
    client: levelup('./var/leveldb')


The main purpose of this module is to provide a higher level of consistent API over different storage clients. That means:

  • consistent method name
  • consistent function signature
  • consistent return results

All methods include:

store.get(key, callback)

Will callback(null, undefined) when no data is found, not return a null (as redis does) or emit an error (as leveldb does). This behavior is for in case you want really set data as null.

store.set(key, value, [ttl], callback)

The client is responsible for handling ttl, Storeman will not do this for you.

store.del(key, callback)

Supports batch delete by passing an Array as key.


the MIT license.