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    Storage Keeper

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    This library provide simple way how to interact with storages that are based on browser (localstorage, sessionstorage, cookie) or node (fs). It provides same interface for handling all of them.

    Storage have only three async methods:

    • Get key
    • Set key (optionally set expiration date)
    • Delete key

    Values can be strings, numbers or objects. Object will be saved as JSON in storage.

    How to use it

    Install the library:

    npm install storage-keeper --save

    Now you can use native browser storages: .

    import { LocalStorage } from 'storage-keeper';
    const storage = new LocalStorage('prefix');
    await storage.set('userId', 6);
    await storage.set('user', 'paprika');
    await storage.set('user', { name: 'paprika' });
    // add expiration date
    await storage.set('signed', true, new Date('2018-05-01'));
    console.log(await storage.get('signed'));
    await storage.remove('signed');

    How to use adapters

    You can use adapters for fs and cookies:

    import { Storage } from 'storage-keeper';
    import CookieAdapter  from 'storage-keeper/dist/adapters/CookieAdapter';
    const storage = new Storage('prefix', new CookieAdapter());
    await storage.set('some-value', 'x');

    For storing values in file on node:

    import { Storage } from 'storage-keeper';
    import FileAdapter  from 'storage-keeper/dist/adapters/FileAdapter';
    const storage = new Storage('prefix', new FileAdapter('path-to-file'));
    await storage.set('some-value', 'x');

    You can create your own adapter, just use following interface:

    interface Adapter {
        getItem(key: string): Promise<string | null> | string | null,
        setItem(key: string, data: string): Promise<void> | void,
        removeItem(key: string): Promise<void> | void,




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