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A nodejs wrapper for the REST API


$ npm install --save stopforumspam


var stopforumspam = require('stopforumspam');

The simplest way to use this is to create a user like this

var sfsUser = stopforumspam.User('', '', 'testUserName');
// REMEMBER! only supports IPv4, not IPv6 addresses 

Then you can check the database easily.

sfsUser.isSpammer().then(function (result) {
     .then(function (result) {
            // result is false if not found 
            // if true result looks something like this 
            // result = { 
            //   success: 1, 
            //   username: { 
            //     lastseen: '2015-03-09 15:22:49', 
            //     frequency: 3830, 
            //     appears: 1, 
            //     confidence: 90.2 } } 

You can easily submit them if they're spammers too.

sfsUser.submit('This text is an optional way to tell SFS why you submitted the user.');
// you can use .then() if you want to wait until after the submit, though I can't imagine why 

If you would prefer to call things manually, that's fine too. For example:

stopforumspam.isSpammer({ ip: '123.456.789.100', email: '', username: 'Spammer!' })
    .then(function (result) {
        // result is just like above 

You don't need to search with every parameter. You can search only for one or two if you like.

stopforumspam.isSpammer({ ip: '123.456.789.100' })
    .then(function (result) {
        // result is just like above 

And if you're using ES6 and want synchronous code, then there's a Sync function for everything

var spammer = stopforumspam.isSpammerSync({ ip: '123.456.789.100', email: '', username: 'Spammer!' });
if (spammer) {
    // do stuff 
// User functions too! 
var sfsUser = stopforumspam.User('', '', 'testUserName');
if (sfsUser.isSpammerSync()) {
    // do stuff 

These are promises, so you can capture errors as well if you like.

sfsUser.submit('This text is an optional way to tell SFS why you submitted the user.')
    .catch(function (error) {
        // deal with the error that occured while submitting 


MIT © Ted